Teaching and Learning - M.Ed.

The Teaching and Learning Master of Education degree program at Johnson & Wales University is a two-year graduate course of study designed to develop master teachers. The program affords practicing teachers an opportunity to use their classrooms as learning laboratories to improve their teaching skills.

The program is designed as a cohort model, which means that students move together as a professional learning community, fostering a team approach to studying and solving educational problems through the required sequence of courses.

Participants in the program examine teaching and learning through eight comprehensive courses and the completion of a capstone project. Throughout the program, the emphasis is on the integration of theory, research and application. Key program features include:

  • Problem-based learning – learning experiences that include authentic problems and issues from PK–16 classrooms and schools
  • Applied research – a direct application of theory through the role of teacher as a researcher
  • Collaborative learning – the development of a community of learners where participants and faculty support and enhance learning
  • Technology integration – the incorporation of information technology tools throughout the program
  • Experiential learning – university-based learning applied immediately in each participant’s own classroom setting, tying together new learning, research-based best practices, and ongoing reflection in an effort to improve the learning of his/her current students

Conceptual Framework

The M.Ed. teacher candidate outcomes are designed to develop habits of reflection, responsiveness and persistence to relentlessly focus on student access, learning needs, well-being and achievement.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a deep knowledge of teaching and learning.
  • Deliver effective instructional strategies that engage, motivate and focus students, and use multiple methods to monitor student learning.
  • Continuously examine and adjust teaching practices to improve student learning and build a repertoire of teaching skills.
  • Respond to students’ diverse developmental and social contexts and ensure access to high quality teaching and learning.
  • Lead and actively build partnerships with colleagues, parents and community groups to work on instruction, policy and curriculum.

Program Requirements

Although degree candidates in the program are expected to complete the entire sequence of courses, individuals are able to take a single course for graduate credit prior to making the decision to enroll in the full program. To take more than one course, enrollment in the program is required. Successful candidates in this program are expected to work collaboratively with others, applying theory and knowledge gained through the program to develop their expertise in the area of teaching and learning. The program requires the following:

  • Successful completion of eight classes
  • Successful completion of a capstone project
  • Compliance with all Johnson & Wales University policies

Teaching and Learning

Master of Education 

Core Courses
EDUC5315Exploration of Teaching and Learning4.5
EDUC5335Culturally Responsive Teaching4.5
EDUC5355Standards and Curriculum Development4.5
EDUC5375Instructional Strategies and Resources4.5
EDUC6315Assessment and Evaluation in Education4.5
EDUC6335Embedding Formative Assessment in Teaching Practices4.5
EDUC6355Supporting Learners in a Challenging World4.5
EDUC6375Teaching: A Call to Action4.5
Total Credits36.0