Medical and Health Humanities - MINOR

The Medical and Health Humanities minor studies disease, disability and healthcare from the perspective of the humanities. Students learn how Western and non-Western cultures in both the past and the present have approached such topics as disease, disability, healing and death to gain insight into current beliefs, attitudes and practices among both healthcare providers and those they serve. Through analysis and discussion of a variety of texts, including medical literature, novels, films and visual art, students develop skills in critical thinking, visual analysis, and oral and written communication while cultivating empathy and gaining awareness of and respect for cultural diversity

Medical and Health Humanities


Choose five of the following:15
Disease and Illness in Western Art
Health, Healing and the Humanities
Imagining the Human Body: Technology Past, Present and Future
Disease in Film and Literature
History of Health and Medicine in the Western World
Death & Dying

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.

If a minor course is listed as a major course in a student’s major program, the student must choose additional courses from an elective list to complete the minor. Please see the Minors, Specializations and Certificates page for additional information.