Criminal Justice - M.S.

The Criminal Justice Master of Science degree program prepares students for 21st century careers in criminal justice and related fields. Students are provided with with an academically rigorous learning experience based on an advanced understanding of criminal justice and criminology, with balanced coverage of crime causation, management issues, technology, research, ethics and diversity in criminal justice. The program links criminological and management theory with policy and practice, and gives students the opportunity to learn and utilize skills required for leadership positions in the criminal justice field.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate how criminological theory informs public policy and shapes the operation of the American criminal justice system.
  • Use management theory to evaluate the operation of a criminal justice agency and suggest policy changes to improve the operational effectiveness of the organization.
  • Articulate the importance of cultural and global diversity in creating a fair and just criminal justice system.
  • Apply moral philosophy to professional and ethical decision making in the field of criminal justice.
  • Utilize team leadership skills that include collaboration, problem solving, ethical awareness and appreciation of diversity to address problems faced by criminal justice agencies.
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively within various organizational contexts, employing appropriate technologies to organize and present information to address a range of audiences and purposes.
  • Analyze, evaluate and synthesize original criminal justice research that utilizes the scientific method and appropriate sampling, measurement and data collection techniques; evaluate proper data presentation, considering the ethics and politics of reporting.

Criminal Justice

Master of ScienceĀ 

Core Courses
CJS5610Advanced Administration of Criminal Justice3
CJS5620Contemporary Criminology and Crime Prevention3
CJS5650Criminal Justice Ethics and Diversity in a Global Environment3
CJS6900Criminal Justice Capstone Project3
RSCH5700Research and Inquiry3
Elective Courses
Choose five of the following:15
Advanced Legal Issues in Criminal Justice
Juvenile Justice Issues
Special Needs Populations in the Criminal Justice System
Global Criminal Justice Issues
Technology and GIS in the Criminal Justice System
Social, Community and Restorative Justice
Emergency Management and Planning
Homeland Security
Total Credits30.0