Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Courses

SFS2001 Introduction to Plant-based Cuisine

Students explore the historical and geographical foundations of the plant-based cuisine movement, as well as modern consumer and dietary trends. Learners also apply hands-on experiential learning in the kitchen to develop plant-based casual cuisine concepts and chef-driven dishes which meet consumer expectations. The compatibility of plant-based cuisine with the sustainability of the environment, people and the economy are examined, while myths and common stigmas are investigated.
Prerequisite(s): This course is reserved for special industry partner programs.
Offered at Online
3 Semester Credits

SFS2110 Culinary Science, Nutrition & Sensory Analysis

This course introduces students to the basic functions of ingredients, macronutrients and cooking processes. Students conduct experiments and think critically to compare, contrast and evaluate how ingredients change through the use of various cooking techniques. This course explores dietary guidelines, recipe modification, ingredient substitution, and problem-solving in the kitchen. Emphasis is placed on the sensory evaluation of food, the development and use of sensory terminology, approaches to healthful plate design, and real-world restaurant applications. Sections of this course offered online are reserved for students in special industry partner programs.
Prerequisite(s): CUL1100, BPA2720 or (CUL1200, CUL1310, CUL1420) or (CUL1210, CUL1320, CUL1410).
Offered at Charlotte, Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits