Risk Management (RMGT) Courses

RMGT2001 Enterprise Risk Management

This course focuses on the aspects of enterprise risk management (ERM) in business, including the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. The course provides a framework for the identification, assessment, monitoring and mitigation of risk as it relates to the business enterprise including identification and mitigation of health and safety risks.
Prerequisite(s): MGMT1001, sophomore status. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

RMGT3001 Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

This is a survey course of the practical implications of emergency planning with a particular focus on business continuity during a crisis situation. The focus of this course is applied and case-study rich, and provides students with a detailed understanding of the various considerations in emergency and continuity situations frequently encountered during a crisis.
Prerequisite(s): MGMT1001, RMGT2001. (OL)
Offered at Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

RMGT4010 Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention

This course provides students with a course in risk management and loss prevention. It addresses the risk countermeasures and their pros and cons and provides students with a systematic approach to logical decision-making about the allocation of scarce security resources. Further the course describes the risk management methodology as a specific process, a theory, or a procedure for determining assets, vulnerabilities, and threats and how security professionals can protect them.
Prerequisite(s): RMGT2001. (OL)
Offered at Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

RMGT4099 Risk Management Internship

This internship offers the student hands-on experience in risk management functions in a professional setting. The student has an opportunity to gain real-world experience in selected areas such as staff planning, asset protection, risk analysis, management of personnel and like activities.
Prerequisite(s): To be eligible for this internship, students must: 1) maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 during the entire pre-program application process, 2) have completed 130 hours of course work, 3) have appropriate elective credit available, and 4) have the sponsorship of a faculty advisor.
Offered at Providence, Providence CE
4.5-13.5 Quarter Credit Hours