Philosophy (PHIL) Courses

PHIL3015 History of Philosophy

This course is a survey of the development of Western philosophic thought. A clear sense is gained of the relative richness and poverty of philosophic interpretation of different periods. The thinking and works of outstanding philosophers of each period are considered, and the major schools of philosophic thought and their adherents are reviewed. Some of the major problems of philosophy are examined: appearance versus reality, determinism versus free will, knowledge and existence, body-mind relations, truth and error, good and evil, space and time, reality and what we can know.
Prerequisite(s): ENG1021 or ENG1027.
Offered at Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits

PHIL3240 Ethics: A Global Perspective

This course examines the basic principles of ethics and their philosophical foundations particularly as they apply to contemporary global issues. Students explore such important topics as business, labor conditions, war and refugee crises, gender and gender orientation inequality, environmental damage, and famine, poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth. Through the examination of philosophical texts and case studies, including case studies drawn from business organizations, students learn to identify ethical issues of global significance, analyze the causes of these problems, and propose practical, ethical solutions to these problems.
Prerequisite(s): ENG1020 or ENG1024 or English placement.
Offered at Charlotte, Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits