Information Technology (ITEC) Courses

ITEC1020 Introduction to Data Communications

This is an introductory course to the concepts and components of a data communications system. Hardware and software features are reviewed to present the elements of and interactions in a data communications network. Communications interfaces, industry standards and communications protocols are presented in reference to understanding the actual throughput of data in a communications environment. Students are introduced to network topologies and their various application areas. (OL)
Offered at Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

ITEC3050 Information Security

This course presents all aspects of computer and information security including data encryption, zero-knowledge based proofs, public key coding and security procedures. This course makes students aware of the various threats to computers and data and identifies methods and techniques for providing counter-measures to those threats. (OL)
Offered at North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours