Humanities (HUM) Courses

HUM3060 History/Sociology Abroad

The course is a merger of two disciplines in an attempt to gain understanding of the human experience while living in a particular culture. The summer program is a unique hands on opportunity supported by pre-trip research and assignments. The goal is to leave the visited country with disciplined insight into the history and society of the foreign country.
Offered at Providence
3 Semester Credits

HUM3200 Honors Seminar: American Music Cultures

This honors seminar introduces students to the foundational texts of cultural studies, popular culture studies, musicology and ethnography, and builds toward an understanding of how we use music to create and maintain social identities. Students complete research projects on a particular musical genre and subculture. Focus is on cultural analysis within social and historical contexts (drawing on the fields of literary criticism, history, sociology and music), which provides students with an opportunity to analyze and synthesize complex material encompassing multiple disciplines. Students are equipped with skills essential to the production of an Honors thesis, based on original research and analysis. A technical understanding of music and music theory is not a prerequisite for this course.
Prerequisite(s): ENG1024 or English placement, honors or SHARP status, sophomore status.
Offered at Charlotte, Providence
3 Semester Credits