Graduate Studies (GRAD) Courses

GRAD6082 Operations Management and Process Improvement Abroad

In this course, graduate students apply a more focused lens on continuous improvement and cost management by designing and formulating an operations continuous improvement project with an international corporation abroad. Hosted by an international partner, students spend a week in classes and lectures, preparing for an intensive project week. Students construct a continuous improvement and cost management project, working directly with the corporation’s executives and staff. While in country, students are immersed in the complex corporate environment through relevant readings, structured site visits and excursions, cultural events, and community interaction. Along the way students have a chance to tour the host country and visit key cultural sites. This experience provides a professionally focused immersion experience in their future field and opportunities to learn to appraise and value cultural differences when working with an international management team.
Prerequisite(s): Completion of a minimum of 18 credits, 3.5 cumulative GPA.
Offered at Providence
3-6 Semester Credits