First-Year Seminar (FYS) Courses

FYS1010 First-Year Seminar - University Explorations

The course encourages first-year college students to strengthen the connection between self-exploration, active classroom engagement, and understanding larger educational and global communities. This explorations seminar also encourages and allows students to identify their natural talents and skills while focusing on academic goals and potential career aspirations. Students connect with the educational and campus community through academic and co-curricular pursuits. By gaining these experiences, students enhance their intellectual and emotional growth. Finally, students are guided to institutional resources that are targeted to maximize both academic and personal growth.
Offered at Providence
1 Semester Credit

FYS1020 First-Year Seminar

This course encourages all first-year students to strengthen the connection between self-exploration and the transition to college while actively participating in the classroom and engaging with the larger JWU community. Identifying and developing their natural talents and skills helps students launch their undergraduate experience. Strategies to enhance personal health and wellness practices are presented so students can become engaged with the diverse and inclusive population at JWU. Students connect with the academic and campus community as they learn about institutional resources and self-select from a variety of co-curricular activities that reinforce course content.
Offered at Charlotte, Providence
1 Semester Credit