Biology (BIO) Courses

BIO2220 Microbiology for Food Professionals

This course introduces students to a wide variety of topics regarding the biology of food and water associated microorganisms. Important topics include all varieties of microbial agents of food and water borne diseases, characteristics of important species of food spoilage microbes, identification and control of disease agents associated with food and water, beneficial microbial action, microbial genetics and bacterial genomics. The interaction of microbes with the human digestive and immune systems is also studied.
Prerequisite(s): SCI1015.
Offered at Online
3 Semester Credits

BIO3400 Fundamentals of Pharmacology

This course integrates knowledge from core science courses including physiology, biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology to ascertain the relationship between biological processes and therapeutic agents. An understanding of pharmacology basics, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and a systematic cognizance of pharmacotherapy is emphasized. Course content brings an awareness of the adverse effects of pharmacologic agents on humans, animals, microorganisms and ecosystems.
Prerequisite(s): (SCI1015 or (BIO1011 and BIO1016)) and (SCI2031 or (BIO2003 and BIO2006) or (BIO2041 and BIO2046)), sophomore status.
Offered at Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits