Admissions Decision

Early Action Admission (First-Year Applicants for Fall Semester)

Johnson & Wales University offers Early Action Admission, a non-binding application program for students who view JWU as one of their top choice schools. The application deadline for Early Action is November 1; decision notification is by December 1.

Regular Admissions

The Regular Admissions policy of the university makes it possible to notify students of the admissions decision, their acceptance or any additional conditions necessary for admission on a rolling basis, soon after all of their academic records have been received and reviewed.

The fall semester priority deadline for regular admissions is January 15. The final application deadlines are July 1 for regular admissions and July 15 for transfer students.  The spring semester has a December 1 deadline. Admissions may choose to extend these deadlines. 


The $300 deposit for U.S. citizens or $500 for international applicants is payable upon acceptance to the university and is credited towards the student's tuition. The university observes the May 1 deposit deadline and encourages students to research all schools prior to placing a deposit. Deposits received after May 1 will be accepted on the basis of space availability. The student's account must be cleared by Student Financial Services by the payment deadline to receive a room assignment. To best ensure consideration for on-campus housing, it is important to meet all deadlines throughout the enrollment process.

Deposits are nonrefundable with the exception of international applicants who have their visa denied and who request a deposit refund within two months of the visa denial. 

* The university may revoke any student’s acceptance or subsequent enrollment at any time if any information provided by the student is false, misleading or incomplete, or if the university learns of any past or present misconduct by the student that, in the university's sole judgment, would affect the student’s ability to represent and uphold the standards of the university.