Academic Events

New Online Student Orientation

All new College of Professional Studies students are strongly encouraged to participate in a new online student orientation session. These sessions are typically scheduled 30 days before a student’s desired start term and are arranged by Online Admissions. The session is a 15- to 20-minute conversational presentation hosted via Zoom, an online web-conferencing tool. Online admissions associates share their computer screen with the student so both parties are reviewing the same information. The orientation is typically one-on-one with the student and the assigned admissions associate. Group sessions are conducted as necessary.

Online orientation sessions include an overview of the following information:

  • jwuLink
  • ulearn
  • JWU online library
  • Grad Planning System (GPS)
  • Academic support services
  • Wildcat email
  • Online bookstore
  • Financial planning services
  • Online Student Course & Academic Resources (OSCAR; see below)

Online Student Course & Academic Resources (OSCAR)

Online Student Course & Academic Resources (OSCAR) is a resource for new and returning students. OSCAR is a non-credit course housed within ulearn. It appears with the rest of a student’s courses. All new CPS students are automatically added to this non-credit course upon acceptance to the college. OSCAR is made up of eight modules designed to reinforce the key information and concepts presented during a new student orientation session. One popular feature of OSCAR is the “practice” module which allows new students to practice submitting discussion boards, quizzes, papers, etc, prior to submitting actual graded assignments.

Commencement is held at the end of each academic year in May. At these exercises, degree candidates are recognized. Participation in commencement exercises does not imply that graduation requirements are met.

Online students are invited to attend Commencement exercises on the JWU campus of their choice if the online degree program from which they are graduating is offered at the chosen campus.