Department Directories *

University Administration

Office of the Chancellor

  • Mim L. Runey, LP.D., chancellor
  • Cara Rooney ’05 MBA, director of executive services
  • Emily Gilcreast ’19 MBA, university secretary 

Office of the Providence Campus President

  • Marie Bernardo-Sousa, LP.D., ’92, president, Providence Campus
  • Tara McGee, B.A., executive assistant 

Academic Administration

  • Sandra G. Affenito, Ph.D., vice chancellor of academic administration
  • Richard Wiscott, Ph.D., provost
  • Jennifer Galipeau, Ed.D., associate provost
  • Amy Ricci, Ed.D., executive director of academic operations
  • Dameian Slocum, Ed.D., assistant provost for student achievement
  • Sheri Young, Ed.D., assistant provost for educational effectiveness

Office of the General Counsel

  • Luba Shur, J.D., general counsel
  • Sarah Julian Duffy, J.D., assistant general counsel 

Academic Success Center

  • Eileen Medeiros, Ph.D., director

  • Emelia Orellana, M.Ed., program manager

  • Catherine Barry, coordinator

  • Flynn Doncaster, information specialist

Accessibility Services

  • Nicole Hebert, MBA, M.S.W., LICSW, director of accessibility services
  • Hinda Levin-Kreiger, M.S., accessibility services advisor
  • Fatima Martins Abbott, M.S.W., LICSW, learning effectiveness in action program advisor
  • Shelly Olausen, M.Ed., accessibility services advisor
  • Cheryl Pannozzo, M.Ed., accessibility services advisor
  • Dawn Roland, M.Ed., accessibility services advisor
  • Alexandra Vogt, M.S., CALT, learning effectiveness in action program advisor

Campus Safety & Security

  • LeRoy Rose, executive director of campus safety & security

Enrollment Management

  • Akhil Gupta, vice president of enrollment management
  • Meredith Twombly, associate vice president of enrollment management
  • Kenneth Calamar, B.A., director of enrollment management information services
  • Thomas Gauthier, M.S., director of educational partnerships 
  • Teresa Mauk, M.A., director of international admissions
  • Joshua McCarthy, MBA, director of admissions marketing and communications
  • Amy O'Connell, B.A., director of admissions
  • Caroline Pelland, MBA, director of admissions operations
  • Becky Pellegrino, B.S., director of enrollment management, technology & analytics
  • Christine Sullivan, B.S., director of admissions visitor programs
  • Dawn Sweeney, B.S., director of admissions representative network
  • Cristina J. Torres, MBA, interim director of admissions
  • Alicia Moquin, assistant director of enrollment management, student staff development
  • Ed Pereira, assistant director of enrollment services

Equity & Compliance Services

  • Matthias Rubekeil, J.D., Title IX coordinator, nondiscrimination coordinator and Section 504 coordinator
  • KP Hunsinger, M.S., deputy Title IX coordinator
  • Sandra Lawrence, B.S., CCEP, compliance associate
  • Piya Sarawgi, MBA, equity & compliance services communications manager

Experiential Education & Career Services

  • Andrea Frost, MBA, director of experiential education and career services
  • Donna Remington, MBA, CDF, senior director of experiential education and career services 
  • Bryan Mullin, MBA, director of employer relations
  • Carly Warrener, BS, assistant director of experiential education programs

Facilities Management/Physical Plant

  • Jason Witham, vice president of facilities management


  • Joseph J. Greene Jr., M.S., CPA, vice chancellor of finance and administration
  • Danielle Santamaria, CPA, ’13 MBA vice president of finance
  • Eileen Haskins, university budget director
  • Maria Rix, B.S., university controller
  • Laurie O'Keefe, director of accounting services
  • Nancy J. O’Neill, CPCU, ARM, insurance and property risk manager
  • Michele von Hein, director of financial planning & analysis
  • Diane Cunha, assistant university controller

Human Resources & Payroll

  • Rebecca Tondreau, B.A., director of human resources
  • Christine Oliver, B.S., director of benefits
  • Diane Bonin, B.S., director of student employment
  • Karen Almond, M.S., director of employee recruitment

Information Technology

  • Dave Souza, B.S., vice president of information technology
  • Donna Cacchia, director of university information systems
  • David Nardolillo, director of IT infrastructure 
  • Peter Reid, director of IT infrastructure
  • Stephen A. Sabetta, MBA, PMP, director of IT project management
  • Nicholas M. Tella, MBA, director of information security
  • John Larence, associate director of university IT service

Instructional Design & Technology

  • Keri Green, MAT, MBA, director of instructional design & technology
  • Tina Austin, MAED, manager of instructional technology
  • Peter Eastwood, creative director and manager of multimedia production

JWU Global

  • Lynn Robinson, M.S., executive director of JWU Global
  • Wesley D. Roy, M.S., director of international student services
  • Joanne Gilbert, M.S., assistant director of international student services
  • Renee Ioannilli, M.S., study abroad program advisor
  • Morgan Pimentel, M.S., study abroad program advisor


  • Sarah Naomi Campbell, M.L.S., reference and instruction services librarian
  • Jennifer Castel, M.L.S., reference librarian
  • Rebecca Gagne, M.L.S., reference librarian
  • Erika Gearing, M.L.S., reference management librarian
  • Meika Matook, M.L.S., reference management librarian
  • David Meincke, M.L.S., director of library digital resources and services 
  • Lisa Spicola, M.L.S., chief librarian
  • Erin Williams, M.A., culinary arts museum collections manager

Practicum Educational Facilities

  • Michael Downing, M.S., CHA, FMP, vice president of auxiliary services
  • Kenneth Watt, MBA, CEC, executive chef of auxiliary services

Advancement & University Relations

  • Tracy A. Forkin, director of stewardship & donor engagement
  • Liza Gentile, director of alumni relations
  • Amy Laprey, senior director of advancement operations
  • Maureen MacLure, director of annual giving
  • Maureen Rooney, director of prospect research
  • Stephen Cunha, assistant director of alumni communications
  • Krystol Kendall, assistant director of alumni relations
  • Michelle Nicholas, assistant director of advancement services
  • Jeffrey Stupakevich, associate director of foundation grants & sponsorships

Student Academic Services

  • Kimberly Buxton, M.S., university registrar 
  • Carla Aljoe, B.S., assistant registrar
  • Cheryl Shatz, B.S.B.A., director of curriculum systems management
  • Maria Tristao-Rocha, MBA, director of transfer and testing services
  • Stacia White, M.A., director of academic counseling

Student Financial Services

  • Dawn Blanchette, B.S., director of student financial services
  • Kathi Tavares, B.S., director of student billing and collections

Student Affairs

  • Joseph Barresi Jr., Ph.D., LICSW, LCDP, associate dean of students for counseling, health & wellness
  • Joe Berardi, M.S., director of community standards and conduct
  • Mary E. Graf, Ed.D., associate dean of students
  • Nev Kraguljevic, MBA, director of residential life
  • Dana Garfield, M.Ed., director of athletics
  • Korina Ramsland Short, M.S., director of the gender equity center
  • Diane Riccitelli, M.S., director of off-campus student services
  • Denise Neirinckx, B.S., director of transportation
  • Stephanie Dixon, M.S.W., LICSW, director of counseling services
  • Nicole Hebert, M.S.W., LICSW, director of accessibility services

University Communications

  • Lisa Pelosi, M.A., vice president, communications and government relations
  • Clara Schwager, director of institutional and advancement marketing
  • Jennifer McGee, director of external communications & media relations 
  • Lynzi DeLuccia, manager of internal communications 
  • Rachel Nunes, senior communications & media relations specialist 

 This is only a partial listing.