Parking Regulations

Automobiles that are parked on university property are subject to the following regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations or traffic signs may result in fines, suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges.

  1. Any vehicle parked in any area on campus must display a university parking permit.
  2. Vehicles illegally parked in fire lanes and spaces reserved for handicapped parking will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  3. Vehicles must be parked properly within a designated space so as not to interfere with another parking space or obstruct a lane of travel or pedestrian walkway.
  4. The maximum speed limit on university property is 15 miles per hour except where posted otherwise. Vehicle operation on campus requires extra caution due to the high number of pedestrians present at most times of the day. Unsafe operation or failure to operate your vehicle with a reasonable amount of care may result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of parking privileges on campus.
  5. Moving or defacing any university traffic sign will result in disciplinary action.
  6. Vehicles parked on university property are subject to search in the event a violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other university rule has occurred or is believed to have occurred.
  7. The decision to issue a violation tag and/or tow any vehicle is made by an officer at the time of discovery of the offense.
  8. White or yellow curbed areas are designated no parking areas.
  9. In the event of snow, a university parking ban may be announced through normal campus communications (i.e., jwuLink, email, posted notices in residence halls). Any vehicle found parked in an area prohibited by such announcement will be towed at the owners expense.
  10. Vehicles parked in areas designated for faculty/staff without the proper permit shall be towed at the owner’s expense.
  11. Vehicles shall not be abandoned in campus parking areas and must be in good working condition at all times.


Appeals of any parking violation or costs associated with towing and storage of any vehicle found in violation of the foregoing regulations must be submitted in writing via email. All appeals shall be reviewed and decided upon by the director of Campus Safety & Security. Any such decision may be appealed to the vice president of student affairs for a final decision.