Wildcat Wheels Transportation Service

JWU provides regularly scheduled shuttle service to and from designated university facilities and residence halls throughout the academic year. Student IDs are required to board all JWU buses and vans (this policy is strictly enforced). A maximum of two guests per student are allowed on buses. Guests must have a state-issued ID, and all guests must be accompanied by a JWU student at any given time.

For their safety, JWU asks that students follow these guidelines when riding buses:

  • Stand away from the curb as buses approach.
  • Have your student ID ready to show while boarding.
  • Don't walk or run into the street when buses are in traffic.
  • Treat drivers with courtesy and respect.
  • Don't bring open food or drink containers on board.
  • Before departing the bus, check your seat for all personal items.

Bus schedules are available on the JWU mobile app. Please consult the JWU Directory to find the hours and location of the Wildcat Wheels transportation office. A dispatcher is available after hours and during weekends throughout the academic year. Transportation is available for certain field trips, recreational events, and athletics programs; contact Student Engagement or Athletics for more information.

Commuter students may park on the Harborside Campus and ride the JWU shuttle to the Downcity Campus. Parking permits are required and can be purchased from Campus Safety & Security.

During semester and holiday breaks, Wildcat Wheels provide limited services based on campus operations. 

Transportation services during inclement weather conditions may vary depending on prevailing conditions. Notifications and updates during inclement weather conditions can be found on the JWU mobile app, Twitter (@JWUPVDWheels) and jwuLink.

For more information about any of these services, please contact the Wildcat Wheels transportation office using the JWU Directory

From time to time, the university may elect to provide university-sponsored transportation for certain events such as educational events, field trips, athletic events, and competitions. When university transportation is provided and a student elects not to take university-sponsored transportation, that student is solely responsible for reviewing in advance — and accepting — any risks such transportation might pose, including but not limited to the safety of the location, condition of the vehicle, and skill and decision-making of any drivers. The university is not responsible or liable for any damage or injuries that may occur in another person's private vehicle or any other non-university-owned, rented or leased vehicle.