Emergency Procedures

Effective emergency response requires the coordinated efforts of students, staff and faculty. Each member of the Johnson & Wales community should be prepared to act promptly when faced with an emergency. The Providence Campus has developed an Emergency Management Plan that contains information on building evacuation procedures; emergency responses related to explosions, hazardous materials release and other threatening situations; and actions that should be taken if the campus is in “lockdown” or "shelter-in-place" condition.

This information can be found posted in classrooms or on the JWU Alerts Providence Campus webpage (under "Resources"), or a paper copy may be requested at Campus Safety & Security. It is recommended that all students print copies of the Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide and Emergency Evacuations and Rally Points to have handy at all times when they are on campus. Rally point locations can be found on jwuLink. Emergency preparedness involves everyone on campus. Students should do their part by reading all available information. The Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide is also published in the Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report available through Campus Safety & Security.

Johnson & Wales University uses the following systems to notify the university community in the event of an emergency:

Emergency Notification System (Blackboard Connect)

This system quickly provides notice and accurate information and instructions to the entire university community during an unforeseen event or emergency. Emergency notifications are sent via text, voice messages and email; students are encouraged to update their contact information with a valid phone number (preferably a cellphone) through jwuLink.

JWU Alerts Providence Campus Webpage

Should an incident (natural or man-made) occur on or near the Providence Campus, relevant information will be posted when appropriate on the JWU Alerts Providence Campus webpage and jwuLink (under “Emergency Alerts").

Alertus Notification System

The university also utilizes the Alertus Desktop Notification and the Alertus Recipient app as a supplemental, not primary, method of disseminating emergency information.

Emergency Siren Warning System (ESWS)

An outdoor Emergency Siren Warning System (ESWS) is strategically located on the Harborside Campus to alert and provide emergency messages to the campus community and nearby neighbors if a life-threatening event should affect the local area.

University Email

JWU email accounts are another way the university may communicate with the university community in times of an emergency. Each member of the university community is assigned a JWU email account.