Campus Dining

The  Student Dining Center, managed by Chartwells Higher Education, is located in Cedar Hall North, 725 West 4th St.

If special assistance is needed (e.g., allergies or sensitivities to particular food items), students should contact Campus Dining management. For hours and contact information, please consult the Campus Dining website or by downloading the DineOnCampus app from any mobile device app store.

Meal Plans

There are a variety of meal plan options available to campus residents. The cost of the plan is applied to the student account.

Cedar Hall North and South Residents: All new student residents (first-year) are required to select from a range of weekly meal plan options which include 18 or 14 weekly meal plans. Returning students are required to select from a range of weekly meal plan options which include 18, 14, 10 or 7 plans.

City View Towers Residents: Students in City View Towers are provided seven meals per semester, included in their housing cost. In addition, students may also select from any of the weekly meal plans available, including 18, 14, 10 or 7. Students residing in City View Towers are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Resident students select their meal plan when they select their room online during the Wildcat room selection process. Resident students who want to change their meal plan selection can do so by contacting Residential Life during the publicized plan-change period. The plan selected during room selection will apply for each semester for the academic year. Residents do not need to take any further action if they wish to retain the same meal plan each semester.

Meals are offered up to three times a day on class days, generally Monday through Thursday, plus brunch and dinner on non-class days. Students may only use one meal swipe per meal period. Meal swipes reset on Saturday each week and the new meal week begins on Sunday. Unused meals do not roll over from week-to-week or semester-to-semester.

Every meal plan offers declining balance or flex dollars which are automatically loaded onto the student's JWU ID card and can be used at the food vending machines in City View Towers or Cedar Hall North, the Little Campus Cart or the Student Dining Center. This allows students a variety of options to make late night purchases in the residence halls. The balance will decline as flex dollars are used. Flex dollars are allotted each semester and unused dollars roll over from week-to-week but expire at the end of the semester and cannot be rolled over to a new semester.

All students also have the ability to purchase additional flex dollars in increments of $25 or Wildcat Meals in blocks of 10, 25 or 50 to add to their student ID. All Wildcat Meals or additional flex dollars can be purchased online at any time or at the Campus Dining Office located in the Student Dining Center, Monday through Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. Please note that Wildcat Meals and additional flex dollars roll over from semester-to-semester but expire at the end of the academic year in which they are purchased. Wildcat Meals and additional flex dollars are nonrefundable.

Once a student has paid for the plan, they can check the status of meals and flex dollars by visiting the cashier at the student dining center. The student must present a valid student ID to the cashier to receive this information.


Commuter students are encouraged to use the dining facility. Students can pay the door rate or purchase Wildcat Meals in blocks of 10, 25 or 50 as well as flex dollars in increments of $25. Wildcat Meals and additional flex dollars can be purchased online any time. Students may also visit the Campus Dining office located in the Student Dining Center, Monday through Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. All Wildcat Meals and additional flex dollars roll over from semester-to-semester but expire at the end of the academic year in which they are purchased. The cost of the Wildcat Meal Plan and additional flex dollars is nonrefundable.


Students can use their flex dollars if they choose to purchase meals for guests in the dining facilities. Guests may also pay the door rate.


Hours and days of operation vary. Campus Dining is closed during holiday and semester breaks. Up-to-date listings are posted in the Student Dining Center and online. Hours and operational delivery may be subject to change based on state or local orders relating to the pandemic or other health concerns.


Students must act and dress in an appropriate manner while in the dining facilities, including, but not limited to, wearing shoes. The ability to exhibit good manners is essential to everyone’s career, and students' actions are a reflection of their professionalism. 

Students must present their ID cards to gain entrance to the student dining facility. Lost or stolen cards must be immediately reported to Campus Safety & Security to prevent unauthorized use. Students with alternate identification (must include a picture ID and J number) will be allowed one meal before they must obtain a replacement ID. Any further meals given without proper university-issued ID will result in the student paying the door rate in order to gain entrance.

A reusable, to-go clam-shell meal container is available for purchase at the cashier stand and is Campus Dining's solution for meals on the go. Campus Dining is a cash-free environment. All major credit cards are accepted. Students who gain access to the residential dining facility and are later found not to be on the meal plan will be charged the guest rate on their student account for meals taken and subsequently reported to Student Affairs for a disciplinary hearing.

North Carolina State Sales Tax

All purchases are subject to the North Carolina state sales tax of 8.25%.