Identification Cards

All new and readmitted online students are issued a free university identification card, which lists their name and student identification number (often referred to as the J number). JWU ID cards are mailed to the student's permanent home address after the third week of the semester. Students should confirm their address through jwuLink.

There is a $30 charge for all replacement ID cards; the charge will be made to the student's account. Please send an email with the following information requested below:

  • Name
  • Student ID number (J number)
  • Current major
  • Digital photograph
  • Subject line of email: “New or Replacement ID for the Online Campus”
  • For replacement IDs only
  • Copy the following statement and past in the body of the email: “I understand that by requesting a new ID, a charge of $30 will be made to my student account.”

Important Reminders

  • Immediately notify the Campus Safety & Security office at the respective campus if your ID is lost or stolen.
  • IDs will only be processed if the request email comes from a student’s JWU Wildcat email account.
  • IDs will only be sent to the permanent home address that is on file. Failure to update this information may result in additional charges if a second ID is requested.
  • Students should be sure to confirm their permanent address on jwuLink before submitting their photo and personal information.
  • Digital photographs must be submitted without any headgear. If the photo is too small, not clear or otherwise deemed unacceptable, it will not be used. The university reserves the right to request another photograph.

ID Use on JWU Campuses

Students who live close to one of the JWU campuses may activate their cards for building access. All campus buildings are equipped with electronic card-access devices for security purposes. Online students visiting a campus must first report to Campus Safety & Security to activate the ID for the time period of their visit. Please consult the JWU Directory for Campus Safety & Security locations and hours.