Parking Permits

All students who seek to park on campus, with the exception of the Downcity Campus garage must first purchase a parking permit online or with Student Financial Services (SFS). The parking permit can then be picked up at SFS.  

Parking fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Any change in vehicle information must be immediately updated by contacting Campus Safety & Security so as to avoid issuance of violation.

Once a permit is issued, the vehicle operator must possess and maintain, at all times, a

  1. valid driver’s license
  2. valid vehicle registration
  3. valid certificate of insurance

Campus Safety & Security may issue temporary parking permits free of charge to students and their guests for up to five days of use. Temporary permits are only valid for the time period of issuance. Guests must be accompanied by a host student at the time of application for a temporary permit. Any such application requires the host student's acceptance of responsibility for their guest's adherence to all parking and vehicle operation rules on campus. Any violation issued to the temporary permit holder shall be the responsibility of the host student.

Commuting students who seek to park only in the Downcity Campus parking garage must first obtain a permit. This permit is limited to garage use and is available at the garage management office located at the garage entrance. While garage parking fees are based on hourly use, the permit is free for this location.