Parking Areas

Resident Students

Cedar Hall North or Cedar Hall South

Resident students in Cedar Hall North and Cedar Hall South can purchase parking in the Cedar Street parking deck from Standard Parking. Their business office can be reached by calling 704-343-9604, Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm.

City View Towers

Only residents of City View Towers will be able purchase parking permits for Lot C, which is located adjacent to City View Towers. This lot is limited to 140 vehicles. Rates can be found online.

Commuting Students

Commuting students who bring a car to campus can obtain a permit for parking in Lot B, located at 709 W. Trade St. across from Cedar Hall North and one block from the Academic Center. Lot B is able to accommodate approximately 225 vehicles. Rates can be found online.


The university strongly advises all students to remember that parking permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all available parking is occupied, there are additional parking structures in the area that can be used. These parking facilities are not operated by Johnson & Wales and parking agreements at their locations are solely between the operator and the vehicle owner. Johnson & Wales accepts no liability for use of these facilities.

For more information about parking, please call the Charlotte Campus Safety & Security or visit the Transportation webpage.