The purpose of the university’s Attendance Policy is to help students develop a self-directed, professional attitude toward their studies during their university experience and to maximize their educational opportunities. While online courses do not require regular in-class attendance, students are expected to meet stated due dates as provided by the faculty member at the beginning of each course. Students confirm enrollment by submitting the first graded assignment in the initial two weeks of the course. If students do not complete this requirement they will be withdrawn without academic penalty from the course (i.e., as never attended) and, when appropriate, issued a tuition adjustment in accordance with the tuition and fees credit policy. Faculty will notify Student Academic Services of students who fail to complete their first assignment by the second Saturday of the course.

Students should not assume course or university withdrawal by not engaging in a course(s). It is the student’s responsibility to notify Student Academic Services of any courses that they are no longer attending, as well as intent to leave the university. Discontinuing participation or notifying an instructor does not constitute an official course or university withdrawal. Lack of engagement may have a significant negative impact on the student’s grade in the course at the discretion of the instructor.