Add/Drop Policy

Add/drop is defined as adding and dropping any number of courses, but maintaining enrollment in a term. Students may add an online course up through the first Saturday of the term. Students may drop an online course without penalty up through the second Saturday of the term, but financial aid and account charges may be impacted (schedule changes may impact financial aid and account charges; consult Student Academic & Financial Services as needed). An official add or drop must be completed via jwuLink, or with the student's assigned online academic advisor or Student Academic Services.

When students drop a course during this time, the course is removed entirely from the student’s schedule (there is no record of the course on the academic transcript), and if the course becomes closed it may not be added back to their schedule. Most importantly, students are strongly advised to stay on track and maintain their graduation date, especially to avoid incurring unnecessary financial debt. Learn more about repaying loans (i.e., start dates, repayment options, avoiding default) and review debt management resources online.