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Department Directories *

Center for Academic Support

  • Ann Roccio, interim director
  • Jeannine R. Beauvais, B.S., Learning Center supervisor; B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Donna Della-Porta, special needs advisor
  • Hinda Levin-Kreiger, M.S., special needs advisor; B.A., University of California at San Diego; M.S., University of Rhode Island
  • Bette Nee, M.Ed., special needs advisor; B.S., Bridgewater State College; M.Ed., Cambridge College
  • Shelly Olausen, special needs advisor
  • Phyllis Parente, M.A., special needs advisor; B.S., M.A., Rhode Island College
  • Meryl Precourt, M.S., special needs advisor; B.S., Boston University; M.S., Lesley College
  • Lauren Smalley, special needs advisor
  • Ericka Weaver, special needs advisor



  • Rosita Hopper, D.A., dean of libraries; B.F.A., University of Illinois; M.L.S., D.A., Simmons College


  • Frederick Brown, M.L.S., reference management librarian; B.S., M.A.T., Johnson & Wales University; M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
  • Erika Gearing, M.L.S., reference librarian; B.A., Granite State College; M.L.S., University of Pittsburgh
  • Barbara Janson, M.L.S., chief librarian; B.A., University of  Massachusetts — Dartmouth; B.S., Johnson & Wales University; M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
  • Richard Keogh, M.L.S., head reference librarian; B.A., Tufts University; M.A., M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
  • Hilary Kraus, M.L.S., reference management librarian; B.S., Northwestern University; M.L.S., University of Michigan
  • Ariela McCaffrey, M.L.S., reference & instruction services librarian; B.A., Rhode Island College; M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
  • David Meincke, M.L.S., digital services librarian; B.A., College of William and Mary; M.L.S., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill
  • Elizabeth Anne Nelson, M.L.S., cataloging and interlibrary loan librarian; B.A., Rhode Island College; M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
  • Sue Reynolds, M.L.S., electronic resources librarian; B.A., University of Rhode Island; M.S., University of Bridgeport; M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State University
  • Lisa Spicola, M.L.S., reference librarian; B.S., M.L.S., University of Rhode Island

Dean Emerita

  • Helena Rodrigues, D.A., dean emerita; B.A., Salve Regina University; M.A., Emmanuel College; M.L.S., D.A., Simmons College 


Office of the Chancellor 

  • John J. Bowen, M.M., DBA (hon.), chancellor, president and chief executive officer 
  • Thomas L. Dwyer, MBA, vice chancellor and provost
  • Emily A. Gilcreast, B.S., chief of staff and assistant corporate secretary

Office of the General Counsel

  • Wayne M. Kezirian, J.D., senior vice president and general counsel
  • Bud Remillard, J.D., associate general counsel
  • Denielle M. Burl, J.D., assistant general counsel

Office of the Providence Campus President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Mim L. Runey, LP.D., Providence Campus president and chief operating officer
  • Frank A. Sargent, J.D., Ed.D., special liaison to senior administration
  • Diane Millard, B.S., executive assistant to the Providence Campus president and chief operating officer 

Office of the Provost

  • Thomas L. Dwyer, MBA, vice chancellor and provost
  • Susan Pasquale, Ph.D., associate provost for faculty affairs
  • Alison Goodrich, Ph.D., J.D., associate provost for planning and institutional effectiveness
  • Paul McVety, Ed.D., dean of academic program development
  • Eileen DeMagistris, M.Ed., director of institutional effectiveness
  • Jennifer Galipeau, M.S., director of outcomes assessment 
  • Gary Williams, MBA, coordinator of curriculum and academic planning
  • Michele Forand, B.S., academic operations manager


  • Kenneth DiSaia, MBA, senior vice president of enrollment management
  • Jeanne Blanchette, B.S., admissions recruitment analyst
  • Thomas Gauthier, M.S., director of educator partnerships and scholarship programs
  • Cuneyt Ispir, MBA, director of admissions systems and operations
  • Joanne McQuesten, MBA, director of continuing education admissions
  • Rita Mulligan, M.S., director of international admissions operations
  • Caroline Pelland, MBA, admissions campus liaison
  • Amy Podbelski, B.A., director of admissions
  • William Priante, B.S., dean of admissions
  • James Richard, B.S., director of culinary admissions
  • Al Seitz, MBA, director of the admissions representative network
  • Manny Tavares, M.Ed., dean of international recruitment and training
  • Patricia VanWormer, B.A., director of admissions marketing

Campus Safety & Security

  • Michael P. Quinn, M.A., executive director of campus safety & security

Compliance, Internal Audit & Risk Management

  • Michael P. Quinn, M.A., interim director
  • Danielle Santamaria, MBA, CPA, internal audit manager
  • Sandra Lawrence, A.S., CCEP, compliance associate
  • Jayne M. Del Sesto, MBA, policy coordinator
  • Piya Sarawgi, MBA, compliance and risk management communications manager

Experiential Education & Career Services 

  • Maureen Dumas, M.Ed., vice president of experiential education & career services
  • Gregory F. Lorenz, Ph.D., dean of experiential education
  • Sheri L. Ispir, M.S., director of experiential education & career services
  • Akanksha Aga, MBA, assistant director of employer relations
  • Andrea Frost, MBA, assistant director of experiential education
  • Donna Remington, MBA, assistant director of career services

Facilities Management/Physical Plant 

  • Merlin A. DeConti Jr., M.S., PE, senior vice president of facilities management
  • Christopher O. Placco, AIA, NCARB, M.S., MBA, vice president of Providence facilities management


  • Joseph J. Greene Jr., M.S., CPA, treasurer and chief financial officer
  • William F. McArdle, B.S., CPA, senior vice president of finance
  • Alan Restivo, MBA, university controller
  • Maria Rix, B.S., assistant university controller
  • Akhil Gupta, M.Sc., executive director of university procurement & budget 
  • Eileen T. Haskins, M.S., university budget director
  • Nancy J. O’Neill, CPCU, ARM, insurance and property risk manager

Human Resources & Payroll

  • Diane D’Ambra, M.S., vice president of human resources
  • Rebecca Tondreau, B.A., director of human resources
  • Christine Oliver, B.S., director of benefits
  • Frances Harnois, A.S., CPP, director of payroll
  • Diane Bonin, B.S., director of student employment 

International Center 

  • Shelley Stephenson, Ph.D., dean of international programs and development
  • Paul D. Lacroix, DEFM, dean emeritus, international affairs 
  • Katie Gilbertson, M.A., director of international student services
  • Lisa Donegan, director of study abroad programs

Information Technology

  • Marianne Doran-Collins, MBA, chief information officer
  • Dora Kuan, M.S., interim director of academic technology services
  • Bill Prew, M.S., executive director of university information systems
  • Stephen A. Sabetta, MBA, PMP, director of IT project management
  • Nicholas M. Tella, MBA, director of information security

Practicum Educational Facilities

  • Michael Downing, M.S., CHA, FMP, vice president of auxiliary services
  • Jose Estrompa, B.A., CHA, general manager of hotel properties
  • Katherine Kavanagh, M.S., director of catering and special events
  • Steven Sandblom, FMP, director of campus dining
  • Kenneth Watt, B.S., CEC, executive chef of auxiliary services 

Resource Development

  • Page Cooper Sciotto, MBA, vice president of resource development 
  • Michael Eatough, M.A., executive director of major gifts
  • Terrence Williams, M.S.M., executive director of alumni relations
  • Ann-Marie Reddy, B.A., director of the annual fund
  • Maureen Rooney, M.A., director of prospect research
  • Michael J. Schrader, B.A., director of grants & sponsored program administration
  • Julia S. Emlen, director of scholarships & stewardship
  • Karl Guggenmos, MBA, WACS Global Master Chef, AAC, university dean of culinary development

Special Projects 

  • Kenneth R. Levy, M.A., senior vice president of special projects

Student Academic & Financial Services

  • Marie Bernardo-Sousa, M.S., senior vice president of administration
  • Gail Nevadonski, B.S., registrar
  • Denise Duval, MBA, coordinator of transfer services
  • Lynn M. Robinson, M.S., executive director of student academic and financial services
  • Dawn Blanchette, B.S., director of financial aid and planning
  • Jane Hanna, M.A., director of academic counseling
  • Tammy Harrigan, B.S., university registrar
  • Kris McNamara, M.S., director of student communications
  • Kathi Tavares, B.S., director of student billing and collections

Student Affairs 

  • Ronald Martel, Ph.D., vice president of student affairs and dean of students
  • Joseph Barresi Jr., Ph.D., LISCW, LCDP, associate dean of counseling, health & wellness
  • Everett Brooks, B.A., director of community relations
  • Robert Ducoff, D.D.S., university dentist
  • Mary E. Graf, associate dean of athletics
  • Nancy Hardendorf, B.S., director of parent relations
  • Scott Lyons, M.A., director of student activities
  • William Palumbo, M.D., university physician
  • John Parente, assistant director of athletics fundraising
  • Korina Ramsland, B.S., director of the Gender Equity Center 
  • Dameian Slocum, MBA, associate dean of student development
  • Wendy Speck, RNC, director of health services
  • Kelly Dunn, director of new student orientation
  • Christopher Zacharda, Ed.D., associate dean of student life
  • Claire K. Hall, J.D., director of student conduct and special advisor to student services 

University Communications 

  • Doug Whiting, B.A., vice president of communications
  • Lisa Pelosi, M.A., executive director of communications & media relations
  • Greg DiStefano, MBA, executive director of university marketing 
  • Brian Murphy, B.F.A., director of design & editorial services
  • Ed Pereira, B.F.A., art director of design & editorial services

* This is only a partial listing.

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