English as a Second Language

Effective Fall 2020, Johnson & Wales University will complete its transition from a term calendar to a semester calendar. Starting with the 2020–21 catalog, all programs will represent course requirements in semester credit hours rather than quarter credit hours. Students who started on terms and will finish their degree requirements on semesters should consult with their assigned academic counselor in Student Academic Services or faculty advisor on semester transition academic planning.

The English Language Institute provides international students with an opportunity to learn English as a second language through intensive English instruction and weekly enhancement activities for students preparing for admission to undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Instruction is also offered to those students who wish solely to improve their English language skills. Students are placed in 4 different skill area classes: oral communications, reading, writing and grammar.

Course objectives are academically oriented with the aim of preparing students to function at the university level.  In addition, students are given opportunities for social and cultural experiences designed to assist their cultural transition.

Dedicated to student success, the English Language Institute places students in the program at their level of English proficiency.  Students are expected to take a placement exam when entering the university. Placement test scores determine what level a student is placed into. Students are placed into one of three different proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Every student is scheduled for a class in each of the four skill areas: Oral Communications, Grammar, Reading and Writing.

Students enrolled in ESL courses will be allowed no more than three (3) attempts to successfully complete each course. Students who are unsuccessful after the second attempt of a course will be assigned an academic standing hold and be placed on academic probation. Students who are unsuccessful after the third attempt of a course will be academically dismissed.

English as a Second Language


ESL1010Beginner-Level Oral Communication4.5
ESL1011Beginner-Level Grammar4.5
ESL1012Beginner-Level Reading4.5
ESL1013Beginner-Level Writing4.5
ESL1020Intermediate-Level Oral Communication4.5
ESL1021Intermediate-Level Grammar4.5
ESL1022Intermediate-Level Reading4.5
ESL1023Intermediate-Level Writing4.5
ESL1030Advanced-Level Oral Communications4.5
ESL1031Advanced-Level Grammar4.5
ESL1032Advanced-Level Reading4.5
ESL1033Advanced-Level Writing4.5