Beverage Sales & Marketing Management - B.S.

Beverage Sales & Marketing Management bachelor's degree program is a unique joint college degree among the College of Hospitality Management, the College of Business and the College of Food Innovation & Technology. It combines the strengths of two benchmark JWU programs, preparing students for careers in the exciting field of sales and marketing in the beverage industry. Students learn core lessons in hospitality and business management, develop a foundation of knowledge in sales and marketing, and gain advanced knowledge of a wide variety of beverages. Students have the opportunity to choose a specialization in wine or in beer, mead and cider. The program prepares students for careers as suppliers, importers and wholesalers and in the direct-to-consumer beverage world.

Upon completion of this program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply knowledge of beverage characteristics to develop customized beverage sales and marketing programs.
  • Communicate effectively in beverage sales and marketing environments.
  • Formulate strategic sales and marketing plans for local, national and/or global brands.

Upon completion of the Wine Sales specialization, graduates are expected to:

  • Differentiate and describe the characteristics associated with wine styles from around the world for purposes of creating sales and marketing strategies.

Upon completion of the Beer, Mead, Fruit Wines, Cider Sales specialization, graduates are expected to:

  • Differentiate and describe the unique characteristics and attributes associated with beer, mead, fruit wine and cider for purposes of creating sales and marketing strategies.

Online students must be of legal drinking age; 21 years of age in the US or of minimum legal drinking age in the country where they are attending the course. Please note that we periodically ask students to provide us with a government ID showing their date of birth.

Beverage Sales & Marketing Management

A four-year program leading to the bachelor of science degree

Business Foundations
ACCT2150Accounting for Hospitality Service Organizations3
ACCT3150Financial Management for Hospitality Service Organizations3
LAW2005Hospitality Law3
Major Courses
CUL2010Foundations of Fermented Foods3
CUL3020Foundations of Wine3
CUL3092Brewing Arts3
CUL3093Coffee, Tea and Non-alcoholic Beverage Specialist3
CUL4045Spirits and Mixology Management3
FSM1001Introduction to the Food & Beverage Industry3
FSM2007Food and Beverage Technology & Application Systems3
FSM2055Beverage Appreciation3
FSM3060Front of the House Operations Management3
FSM3080Food & Beverage Marketing and Distribution3
FSM4070The Business of Alcohol Distribution, Retail and Sales3
HOSP2040Human Resources Management in Service Organizations3
MRKT1001Marketing Foundations3
MRKT1011Key Account Management3
MRKT2050Marketing Research3
MRKT3005Brand Marketing3
MRKT3045Social Media Marketing3
MRKT4055Global Strategic Marketing3
Related Professional Studies
CAR0010Career Management1
FYS1020First-Year Seminar1
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses9
Rhetoric & Composition I
Rhetoric & Composition II
Communication Skills
Integrative Learning6
Two ILS courses, one at the 2000 level, and one at the 4000 level
Arts and Humanities6
Ethics: A Global Perspective
One course from ART, HIST, HUM, LIT or REL
A Survey of College Mathematics (or higher, based on student's placement)
Statistics I
One course from BIO, CHM, PHY or SCI
Social Sciences6
One course from ANTH, GEND, LEAD, PSCI, PSYC, RES or SOC
A&S Electives6
Two courses with an EASC attribute
Free Electives #
15 credits selected from 1000-4999 numbered offerings within the university15
Total Credits122.0
Wine Sales Specialization
New World Wines
Old World Wines
Sommelier Capstone
Beverage Operations Management
Choose 3 credits from the following:
College of Hospitality Management Internship
Directed Experiential Education D
Beer, Mead, Fruit Wines & Cider Sales Specialization
Exploring Mead and Honey
Exploring Ciders and Fruit Wines
Beer Sommelier Capstone
Beverage Operations Management
Choose 3 credits from the following:
College of Hospitality Management Internship
Directed Experiential Education D

D Directed Experiential Education (DEE) opportunities are based on project availability with community partners and student eligibility. For more information, visit Experiential Education & Career Services (EE&CS). 

#  In addition to classes, free elective credits may be applied to a number of options such as internship, study abroad, Directed Experiential Education courses and courses in a specialization or minor as relevant. For Accelerated Master's program students, up to three graduate-level courses may apply. Students are strongly encouraged to contact a faculty advisor before scheduling free elective credits.

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Pre-Algebra or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).

Note: Students must pass ENG0001 Writing Workshop or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in ILS 2000-level courses

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