Information Security/Assurance - MS

The Information Security/Assurance Master of Science degree program builds cogently on the body of knowledge associated with the protection of networks, communication channels and information, and incorporates a set of core competencies in both technology and business as they relate to planning, implementing and managing system- and enterprise-level security. This program is targeted for students who have bachelor’s degrees in information technology, computer science, and network and software engineering, as well as others who have earned bachelor’s degrees in fields outside these areas but need the graduate-level degree to advance professionally. All students must complete a capstone project.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Research, establish and apply strategies and solutions that demonstrate an understanding of security foundations and the practical applications in the information security/assurance field.
  • Integrate information security solutions through the alignment of appropriate security methodologies to different security situations.
  • Develop system security contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Propose and test policies and procedures to ensure information systems reliability and availability and the prevention of unauthorized access.
  • Effectively communicate information security assessments, plans and actions to all stakeholders, both technical and nontechnical.
  • Assess and summarize the legal standards, laws and regulations related to information security/assurance in the global community.

This program is a 10-course degree with a five-course core and two four-course focus areas, technical or business, that a student can choose from. The final program requirement is a 4.5 credit capstone research project.

Statistics and Network Fundamentals or their equivalents are requirements for this program. If a student does not have these courses within his/her undergraduate program or transferred in, they will need to complete the prerequisite and foundation courses prior to registering for core and focus classes.

Information Security/Assurance

Master of Science (M.S.)

Prerequisite Course *
Foundation Course
ISA5005Network Fundamentals4.5
Core Courses
ISA5010Research Methods in Information Security4.5
ISA5020Foundations of Information Security Management4.5
ISA5030Legal and Ethical Principles in IT4.5
ISA5040Network Security and Cryptography4.5
ISA5050Digital/Computer Forensics and Investigation4.5
Required Focus
Business Focus Courses18
Business Continuity Planning
Risk Management and Incident Response
Cyber Science and IT Business Operations
Information Security Policy and Governance
Career Capstone Course
ISA6090Information Security & Assurance Capstone Research Project4.5
Total Credits45.0-54.0

Course offered through the undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences.