Engineering Management - M.S.

Leading and managing projects in a technical environment needs qualified professionals who possess a blend of analytical and project management skills combined with an understanding of engineering processes and product development.

The online Engineering Management Master of Science degree program is an interdisciplinary program that integrates the fields of engineering, technology and business. It is designed for engineering and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related bachelor’s degree recipients as well as professionals in the field with bachelor’s degrees in business who are seeking to take on leadership and management roles in a technology environment.

The program includes core courses in statistical analysis, finance, decision making, leadership and innovation, new product development, and project management principles for the engineering and technology industry. In this program, students gain the theoretical, quantitative and analytical skills and tools they will need to be an effective leader of an engineering management team.

The Engineering Management Master of Science degree program emphasizes management and leadership skills specifically for the engineering and technology industry. Students use electives to tailor their degree to their interest. Electives can also be chosen to create a focus area in either Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Finance, or Operations & Supply Chain Management. Focusing electives in a specific area can be designed to give a more in-depth perspective that enhances technical expertise and positions students well for the business challenges facing the engineering manager in the global marketplace.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate quantitative, analytical and critical thinking skills and techniques in engineering management.
  • Apply a multidisciplinary approach when making engineering management decisions.
  • Demonstrate organizational and leadership skills needed to manage projects and processes.

Engineering Management

Master of Science

Foundation Courses *
Choose one of the following:3
Tools for Data Analytics
Principles of Programming
Core Courses
DATA5100Statistical Analysis3
EMGT5005New Product Development3
EMGT5010Engineering Leadership & Innovation Management3
EMGT5020Economics & Finance for Engineering Management3
EMGT6010Engineering Decision Management and Risk Analysis3
EMGT6020Engineering Management Capstone3
MGMT6210Project Management3
Elective Courses
Choose three of the following:**9
Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision
Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Data Mining (Data Analytics)
Data Visualization
Introduction to Predictive Modeling
Advanced Topics in Predictive Analytics
Optimization Simulation
Financial Management
Financial Reporting and Control
Strategic Financial Planning
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Team Dynamics
Designing & Managing Supply Chains
Global Strategic Sourcing
Global Logistics
Lean Production and Quality Control
Total Credits30-33 credits

Students without evidence of coursework in programming from at least a bachelor's degree level program will need to take one of these courses prior to taking core courses.


Students can choose any combination of three courses that they have prerequisites for from the listing of Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Finance, or Operations and Supply Chain Management courses, to earn the M.S. in Engineering Management degree.