Public Health - Micro-Certificate

This undergraduate micro-certificate program introduces students to case studies and real-life scenarios of health challenges affecting communities. Students learn about how public health impacts our lives through environment, policy, communication, and personal relationships. Students also learn about epidemiology, including epidemiologic methodologies utilized in health-related areas other than public health, such as clinical medicine, health administration, dentistry, occupational health and nursing, and social issues related to epidemiology. Additionally, students learn about research methods, research design, and the ethical implications of research. Students demonstrate their knowledge through the development of a research plan on a health or public health topic of their choice. As a culminating assignment, students transform their fundamental knowledge of public health research and methods to complete a research project using methods appropriate for public health research questions. 

Required documentation of knowledge of basic statistics is required to enroll in this program or MATH2001 Statistics I.

NOTE: Students who enroll in this certificate program are ineligible for financial aid. Contact Student Financial Services for options.

Public Health 

A 12 semester credit program leading to the Public Health undergraduate micro-certificate

HSC1230Introduction to Public Health3
HSC2400Research Methods for Health Science3
HSC4900Data and Evidence in Health: Research Capstone3
Total Credits12.0