Nonprofit Management - M.S.

The Nonprofit Management Master of Science degree program prepares students for careers in a variety of managerial and professional positions for nonprofit organizations and local, state and federal agencies. This program provides graduates with a specialized degree that imparts the skills and knowledge specific to and necessary for leadership in this growing and dynamic sector of the economy. Nonprofit organizations include, but are not limited to, hospitals, churches, educational institutions, social welfare institutions and charitable organizations. The sheer diversity of nonprofit organizations and the vital issues they address mean that nonprofits require leaders with a thorough understanding of the complex nonprofit landscape.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply knowledge of the resource development, financial and budgeting aspects of nonprofit organizations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current management practices in the nonprofit sector.
  • Use appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate programs against standards of mission effectiveness, efficiency, equity and other nonprofit goals.
  • Apply appropriate decision-making processes and skills to effectively manage nonprofit organizations.
  • Apply theories, policies and practices of nonprofit management to facilitate collaborative efforts between public/nonprofit and private/nonprofit organizations.
  • Apply concepts, theories and skills to assess the social and ethical responsibilities of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Management

Master of Science 

Core Courses
NPM5010Theory and Practice of Nonprofit Management3
NPM5020Methodological, Decision-Making and Analytic Techniques3
NPM5030Financial Management and Budgeting in Nonprofit Organizations3
NPM5040Program Evaluation3
NPM5050Resource Development for Nonprofits3
NPM5060Social Entrepreneurship3
NPM6010Public, Private and Nonprofit Collaboration3
NPM6020Personnel Deployment in Nonprofits3
NPM6030Ethics and Social Change3
NPM6800Strategic Planning and Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations3
Total Credits30.0