MBA - Nonprofit Management Concentration

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management allows graduate students to strengthen their abilities to develop, innovate and manage solutions to societal issues. The curriculum leverages the knowledge from the traditional business body of knowledge that an MBA candidate is expected to demonstrate and complements the specifics of community and organizational collaboration. Developed and updated in collaboration with students and successful industry leaders, the MBA with a concentration in Nonprofit Management enables our diverse student
body to advance in their professional careers by attaining business competencies as well as leadership, strategic and creative‐thinking skills in the ever‐changing global business environment.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Gather, interpret and analyze research to inform decision-making at operational and strategic levels of an organization
  • Use advanced communication skills and awareness of cultural differences in global and domestic business interactions
  • Analyze problems from a diverse perspective, propose effective solutions and evaluate the impact of executive decisions
  • Access and evaluate business entities, taking into account cross-functional environments as they affect ethical decision-making in domestic and global organizations
  • Apply appropriate decision-making processes and skills to effectively manage nonprofit organizations

Master of Business Administration - Nonprofit Management Concentration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Foundation Courses
ECON5000Economics in the Global Economy4.5
FISV5000Corporate Financial Accounting4.5
Core Courses
FISV5526Financial Reporting and Control4.5
FISV5600Financial Management4.5
MGMT5575Operations Management4.5
MGMT5800Effective Leadership4.5
MGMT5900Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Law4.5
MRKT5500Strategic Marketing4.5
RSCH5700Research and Inquiry4.5
Nonprofit Management Courses
NPM5010Theory and Practice of Nonprofit Management4.5
NPM5020Methodological, Decision-Making and Analytic Techniques4.5
NPM5060Social Entrepreneurship4.5
NPM6010Public, Private and Nonprofit Collaboration4.5
Career Capstone Course
MGMT6800Business Policy and Strategy4.5
Total Credits54.0-63.0