The Psychology program offers students the opportunity to learn about and understand the complex relationships between human behavior and the world in which we live. Grounded in experiential learning and emphasizing awareness, understanding and appreciation for diversity, culture and global perspectives, this program incorporates career-related knowledge, skills and abilities that prepare graduates for lifelong learning and professional success.

After taking foundational courses during the first year of the program, students declare a major in either Applied Psychology or Organizational Psychology to focus their studies. Students may also consider a change to the B.S. in Counseling Psychology but will need to work closely with an academic advisor to schedule courses required in the first year of this program.

In the Applied Psychology bachelor's degree program, students pursue advanced work that applies psychological concepts, theories and practice to the real world. This combination of theory and practical application prepares graduates to identify, address and engage everyday personal, professional and societal opportunities and challenges.  

In the Organizational Psychology* bachelor's degree program, students focus on the application of psychological concepts, theories and research in the workplace. Emphasizing innovation, worker productivity, interpersonal interaction, organizational culture and change management in diverse settings, students gain practical skills and knowledge to positively impact the contemporary work environment. 

All Applied and Organizational Psychology students are required to declare a minor in either Applied Research or General Business. This focus complements major course work, providing students with marketable skill sets in research design, survey instrument construction, data analysis, critical evaluation or modern business practices that employers need to make decisions. 


The Organizational Psychology bachelor's degree program is not offered at the Providence Campus. 


Major Courses
PSYC2002Abnormal Psychology4.5
PSYC2030Developmental Psychology4.5
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses13.5
English Composition
Advanced Composition and Communication
Communication Skills
Arts and Humanities9
Ethics: A Global Perspective
One course from ART, HIST, HUM‡, LIT or REL
A Survey of College Mathematics (or higher, based on student's placement)
Social Sciences4.5
Introductory Psychology
Total Credits45.0

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‡HUM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
^BIO courses are not offered in North Miami, Charlotte or Online.
±CHM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
°PHY courses are not offered in Charlotte or Online.
°°ANTH courses are not offered in North Miami or Charlotte.

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Basic Mathematics or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).

Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree must leave Johnson & Wales University with effective writing skills. These writing skills will be assessed at the completion of ENG1021 Advanced Composition and Communication.