Global Studies - BA

Please note that this program will not be offered for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

The Global Studies bachelor's degree program prepares students for meaningful careers in an increasingly globalizing world. Through interdisciplinary study in politics, economics, culture, language and ecology, students learn to adopt a global perspective on a range of complex issues, ranging from food systems, mass media, and human and environmental health to economic development, international conflict and humanitarian responses. Students develop strong integrative skills in our core Global Studies curriculum, which combines a theoretical study of global systems with practical case study and research opportunities in a variety of global fields. Additionally, students can focus their degree by taking Global Studies electives in any of three categories:       

  1. Global Cultures
  2. International Development, Sustainability and Humanitarianism
  3. Food in a Global Context

Students enhance their global learning by gaining intermediate proficiency in languages such as French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Chinese and students may also choose to take advantage of instruction in a wide range of other languages through the R.I. Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AICU) language consortium. In addition, students learn to locate themselves as active members of the global community through experiential opportunities, including internships and extensive study abroad options. This degree provides the foundation for successful careers in a wide range of fields with an international dimension, such as global communications specialist, global resource managers, global health and sustainability experts, humanitarian and non-governmental organization/international non-governmental organization workers, public affairs, government service agents, and international educators. This major also helps prepare students for further graduate study in the aforementioned areas.

Upon completion of this program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply knowledge of important global forces and issues such as environmental degradation, technological change, political reconfigurations and the movement of peoples.
  • Analyze the historical origins of interdependent global systems and the interaction among particular regions and the larger global system in such areas as environmental change; local, national and regional political systems and economies; the allocation of resources; human conflict; and the creation of global institutions.
  • Analyze global developments and trends and propose culturally-sensitive and ethical solutions to ongoing problems based on the knowledge and skills of a variety of disciplines and the appreciation of cultural perspectives other than one's own. 
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a foreign language.

Global Studies

A four-year program leading to the bachelor of arts degree

Major Courses
ANTH1050Cultural Anthropology4.5
or REL2001 Comparative Study of World Religions
ECON2010World Economic Geography4.5
GLS1001Introduction to Global Studies4.5
GLS3200Global Case Studies4.5
GLS4900Global Studies Senior Seminar4.5
HIST2300History of Globalization4.5
PHIL3240Ethics: A Global Perspective4.5
PSCI2001International Relations and World Politics4.5
Choose three of the following (minimum of one from each category): 13.5
Global Studies
Latin American History, Culture and Society
Asia in Global Perspective: Peoples, Cultures and Politics
Middle East in Global Perspective: Peoples, Cultures and Politics
History of the Atlantic World
History of the Mediterranean World
History of the Pacific World
Required Language
Choose 13.5 credits of the following (minimum of 9 credits in one language):13.5
Conversational Arabic I
Conversational Arabic II
Conversational Arabic III
Conversational Chinese I
Conversational Chinese II
Conversational Chinese III
Conversational French I
Conversational French II
Conversational French III
Conversational German I
Conversational German II
Conversational German III
Supervised Independent Russian I
Supervised Independent Russian II
Conversational Spanish I
Conversational Spanish II
Conversational Spanish III
Major Electives *
Choose four of the following:18
Global Culture
Indigenous Perspectives in Global Context
Introduction to Film
Music Appreciation
Art History
World Cinemas
Latin American History, Culture and Society
Asia in Global Perspective: Peoples, Cultures and Politics
Middle East in Global Perspective: Peoples, Cultures and Politics
World Regional Geography in Global Perspective
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
History of the Atlantic World
History of the Mediterranean World
History of the Pacific World
Modern History
Contemporary American History: The United States in a Global Age
Multi-Ethnic Literature
Masterpieces of World Literature
Global Media
Cultures of Africa
Cultural Tapestry: Perspectives in Diversity
Food In a Global Context
Introduction to Food Writing
Food in World History
Food In Film And Literature
Politics of Food, Human Security and Social Justice
Food, Philosophy and Religion
Food Sustainability
Culture and Food
International Development, Sustainability and Humanitarianism
Comparative Criminal Justice
The Global Economy in the 21st Century
Contemporary Economic Issues
Introduction to Global Health
Comparative Politics and Government
Political Ideologies and the 21st Century
Dynamics of Contemporary Diplomacy and Statecraft
Issues in Political Theory: The Politics of Human Rights in Global Perspective
Introduction to Ecology
Sustainability Policy and Planning
The Business of Sustainability
Sociology of Digital Environments
Applied/Experiential Learning
CAR0010Career Management1
Choose 13.5 credits from the following: **13.5
GLS3899 Internship
Language Immersion
Study Abroad Program
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses13.5
English Composition
Advanced Composition and Communication
Communication Skills
Integrative Learning9
Two ILS courses, one at the 2000 level, one at the 4000 level
Arts and Humanities9
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
One course from ART, HUM‡, LIT, PHIL or REL
A Survey of College Mathematics (or higher, based on student's placement)
Environmental Science
Social Sciences9
One course from ANTH°°, LEAD, PSCI, PSYC or SOC
A&S Electives9
Two courses with an EASC attribute, at least one at 3000 level or higher
Free Electives #
22.5 credits selected from 1000-4999 numbered offerings within the university22.5
Total Credits181.0

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.


Students may schedule a 4.5-13.5 credit internship or study abroad program.  If the internship or study abroad is less than 13.5 credits, additional GLS-designated credits are required to meet the 13.5 credit requirement. 

Visit Courses by Subject Code for a listing of all campus courses.

‡HUM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
^BIO courses are not offered in North Miami, Charlotte or Online.
±CHM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
°PHY courses are not offered in Charlotte or Online.
°°ANTH courses are not offered in North Miami or Charlotte.

#  In addition to classes, free elective credit can be applied to a number of options such as Directed Experiential Education (DEE), Internship, Minor or Study Abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to contact an advisor before scheduling free elective credits.

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Basic Mathematics or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).

Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree must leave Johnson & Wales University with effective writing skills. These writing skills will be assessed at the completion of ENG1021 Advanced Composition and Communication.

In collaboration with academic colleges across all JWU campuses, JWU Study Abroad programs offer a variety of options for major, Arts & Science and elective credit at many price points for students during the academic year and summer. Financial aid is applicable and scholarships are available. Visit the study abroad website for information, program descriptions and online applications.