Communication for Change - Micro-Certificate

In the Communication for Change undergraduate micro-certificate, students strengthen writing, editing and cognitive analysis skills to help them deliver communication aimed at making social change in areas that they are passionate about. For example, areas for discussion might include hunger, poverty, gender discrimination, healthcare, human trafficking, and human rights. Students also receive an overview of communication, beginning with a history of the field and an investigation of various traditions with communication, such as nonverbal, interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, rhetorical and mediated. Students also learn how to apply theories of power and identity, language and culture, and self and other to their professional and personal lives. Student learning culminates in the analysis of strategies used to identify areas of significant need, including stakeholders and effective messages to facilitate social change. 

NOTE: Students who enroll in this certificate program are ineligible for financial aid. Contact Student Financial Services for options.

Communication for Change  

A 12 semester credit program leading to the Communication for Change undergraduate micro-certificate

ENG1020Rhetoric & Composition I3
ENG1021Rhetoric & Composition II3
COMM1001Introduction to Communication3
COMM1200Communicating for Social Change3
Total Credits12.0