Information Technology

Johnson & Wales Information Technology (JWU IT) provides technology tools, services and support to the entire university community. The JWU IT website answers many questions on technology at JWU, including ulearn. Students can also email JWU IT, chat online or call 866-JWU-HELP (866-598-4357) with any technology-related question.

JWU Wildcat Email

Each student at Johnson & Wales receives an email account that is accessible wherever internet access is available, on or off campus. This email account allows students to send and receive email and provides access to important university resources. Email can be checked from jwuLink or Wildcat Mail, and can be set up on smartphones and mobile devices.

The student email username and password are needed to log into campus computers. A password reset tool is available that gives students the ability to securely reset their own password, especially when a password is forgotten.

New students will get their email username and password after their new account is set up.

Note: If a student’s status is made inactive by Student Academic & Financial Services, the associated email and network accounts are disabled within 1 business day. If a student’s status returns to active within 30 days, the email and network account will be re-enabled. If a student’s status returns to active after 30 days, a new email and network account will be created 24 hours after they have registered for courses. This may or may not be the same as the student's previous account, depending on availability.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Internet is available everywhere on campus with the JWU network, via WiFiJWU or a network cable.

To ensure the security of JWU’s network, an authentication system checks for valid JWU user accounts so that only authorized users have access it.

Anyone who uses the JWU network and related services must follow the policies and agreements set forth by the university. Violations or attempted violations will subject the violator to disciplinary and/or legal action by the university.


Every JWU student has a jwuLink account (after the reservation fee is satisfied). Students are expected to log in frequently to access

  • email, news and announcements
  • academic and library information
  • course scheduling and grades
  • financial and career resources

Upon graduation or departure from the university, students will continue to have access to their records via jwuLink.

Protect Your Information

Identity theft is a concern and the university strongly suggests that all students take necessary precautions to prevent a prohibited user from accessing their JWU email and password. It is everyone's responsibility to protect their personal information; the university strongly cautions students against freely sharing this information. Contact JWU IT immediately if unauthorized access has occurred or is suspected.

University Web Policies

The contents of the JWU website are proprietary and as such are protected by federal, state and international copyright and trademark laws, or other proprietary rights. Refer to university policies and agreements for more information. Violations or attempted violations will subject the violator to disciplinary and/or legal action by the university.