Gender Equity Center

Originally opened in 1997 as the Women's Center, the Gender Equity Center changed its name in 2009 to reflect its evolving purpose in furthering an inclusive campus culture by engaging our community in issues relating to intersectional feminism, the spectrum of masculinity, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, and violence prevention and response. 

The center is staffed by a professional director and 2 student assistants, as well as work-study student staff and student volunteers. All students are welcome to volunteer in a variety of capacities. The center also collaborates and can help foster connections to student-led gender issues with clubs and organizations.

The center can help navigate university resources and services relating to its purpose. Students from all JWU campuses who are seeking support and assistance for a range of information or personal issues can contact the Gender Equity Center via email or phone; for contact information for the Gender Equity Center or the director, as well as location and hours, please consult the JWU Directory.

The center provides educational programming to the university community, including co-advising the ASK! Student to Student Wellness & Equity Educator program. The center oversees the Green Dot violence-prevention strategy and offers bystander training for students, faculty and staff on all JWU campuses. The office library features a clearinghouse of resources relevant to gender and sexual orientation, including books, videos, resource files, brochures and magazines. The center can provide referrals to resources within the university and greater community.

Students at the North Miami, Denver and Charlotte campuses are also encouraged to contact their campus dean of students for more local information and resources regarding gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and sexual assault and relationship violence prevention.