Recreation, Intramurals and Club Sports


Intramural programs provide individuals with opportunities to participate in their favorite sports activity or discover the benefits of a new sport. The activities are varied in skill level so that there is an opportunity for every individual to participate. Intramural programs include flag football, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, dodge ball, 3-on-3 basketball and sand volleyball. The university has also built a disc golf course throughout the campus for students to enjoy.

Club Sports

Club sports at the Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales University are student-run organizations that are funded through student fees, dues and club fundraising. The programs allow students to participate in sports activities that go beyond the scope of intramural programs. Some of the club sports programs compete with other colleges and universities throughout the region. Some also travel and play for national championships. Current club sports include esports and mixed martial arts. Interest sessions are held for each of the groups each semester as well as for students looking to start a new club sport at JWU.


There are many opportunities for students to explore the region both on their own and with various recreation programs through the university. Denver Campus students have had the chance to ski, snowboard, whitewater raft and hike over the past few years.