Parking Permits

All students who park on campus must obtain a university parking permit. Visitors must park in designated visitor areas or obtain a temporary university parking pass.

Student parking permits are handled solely by Campus Safety & Security and issued at no cost. Students (resident and commuter) who plan to bring a vehicle on university property must register their vehicles with Campus Safety & Security upon arrival by visiting the Campus Safety & Security station (1705 NE 124th St.).

It is the responsibility of the person applying for the permit to have and maintain

  1. a valid driver’s license and current JWU ID
  2. a valid vehicle registration
  3. valid proof of insurance 

Campus Safety & Security issues free, temporary parking permits to students and their guests for up to five days of use (after five days, a university permit must be purchased). Temporary permits are valid only in designated parking areas.

Temporary parking permits can be obtained from Campus Safety & Security for the following purposes:

  • short-term use of vehicle, including rental vehicles
  • visitor parking
  • short-term parking as authorized by the director of Campus Safety & Security or the director's designee

Temporary parking permits will not be issued

  • in lieu of the proper vehicle registration
  • for a second vehicle operated or parked on campus on a frequent basis
  • for any reason which would circumvent the requirements or intent of campus parking and traffic regulations

Campus Safety & Security reserves the right to refuse to issue a decal to any person. Should this occur, said person will not be permitted to park a motor vehicle on campus. In extreme instances, Campus Safety & Security reserves the right to revoke the parking privileges and remove the decal of certain students subject to the outcome of a Conduct Review hearing. Parking permits/decals obtained through fraud or misrepresentation shall be subject to confiscation.