Change of Program

Students may request a program change by completing a Change of Status Form with Online Student Services. The ability to enter a new program is not guaranteed and is subject to space availability and the student meeting eligibility criteria (as applicable).

Students can view the list of available programs in the current catalog. It is recommended that students discuss their options with their academic advisor if they are unsure of their choices.

It is recommended that students request to change their program or catalog as early as possible so that they may seek proper advice and to facilitate new program registration. Program changes cannot be guaranteed and are subject to space and course availability. Any program change may delay graduation and impact satisfactory academic progress. Students are encouraged to utilize the What If feature in GPS to determine how their coursework applies to a new program or current catalog.

Approved changes will become effective for the subsequent term if requested after the add/drop period. Registering for courses in the new program is the student’s responsibility and subject to availability.

Note: Students who have met the degree requirements for their program of study but continue to enroll in courses in a subsequent term will automatically be enrolled as an extension student and will be ineligible for financial aid.

Please review the following information carefully regarding program changes:

  • Students may request to follow the curriculum requirements as published in the current catalog for their program of study. Students may not combine program requirements from multiple catalogs.
  • Students are responsible for the curriculum specified in the catalog in place at the time of program change.
  • Courses that no longer apply to the new program will be calculated in the cumulative GPA as well as counted as credits attempted for the purposes of determining satisfactory academic progress. 
  • Prior college transcripts and/or previous transfer credits will be reviewed and may be adjusted based on the new program of study.
  • Students may not request to change into a program that has been discontinued.
  • At the discretion of the deans or department chairs, revised curricula may be implemented.
  • Students on academic probation are not eligible to change their program without the approval of their academic advisor.