Continuing Education (CE)

CE students may not register for more than 18 credit hours. Requests to enroll in more than 18 credit hours must be approved by the college dean. If approved, students will be charged for each quarter credit over 18. Permission will not be granted to enroll in more than 21 credits in a semester.

Under special circumstances, a CE student may enroll in one day class if space is available and as long as they are also enrolled in an evening class. Students seeking this option must meet with a Student Academic Services representative to be granted an override to register for the day class through jwuLink.

To ensure that courses are offered as scheduled, it is important that all students register promptly after the date registration becomes available for the upcoming semester (Registration Start Dates). Waiting to register until the last minute before a semester starts may cause the cancellation of some courses that students need due to inadequate enrollment in the courses. Please register early to ensure courses run as scheduled. Additionally, students are strongly advised to review course projections (i.e., which term each course is offered) and plan accordingly.

For information on registering an internship, refer to Internship Programs.