Research (RSCH) Courses

RSCH2050 Workshop in Acquiring Social Research Skills

This course explores the concepts, steps and skills required for analyzing and conducting research grounded in the scientific method. The emphasis of this course is on acquiring research skills through practice-based learning. Students attain an understanding of the roles and approaches that distinguish quantitative and qualitative research methods. Students learn how to plan and write a research project prospectus and how to select and interpret data. Students acquire a working understanding of the analytical approaches necessary for evaluating the validity and credibility of primary and secondary research, learning also to use and interpret statistics in specific applied contexts. Students explore current professional ethical norms and practices in research. Students gain appreciation for understanding how research and society are vitally linked, while grasping the importance of the role of public scrutiny in research.
Prerequisite(s): MATH2001 or MATH2010, PSYC1001 or SOC1001 or SOC2005, sophomore status. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
3 Semester Credits

RSCH4050 Research Seminar in Psychology

This capstone course is designed to complete the major program of study by integrating the student’s prior academic experiences in psychology. A seminar format is used to encourage student participation and interaction with peers and faculty. Each participant chooses a topic within their area of interest. The topic is explored through individual research, periodic presentations and discussion. Discussion focuses on both substantive and methodological concerns as well as interconnections among areas of study.
Prerequisite(s): RSCH2050, senior status. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, Online, Providence, Providence CE
3 Semester Credits