Research (RSCH) Courses

RSCH3020 Honors Research Seminar

This course prepares honors students to conduct the necessary research to successfully complete the honors thesis requirements for graduation from the Honors Program. Students evaluate a variety of research methods, engage in exercises in working with primary and secondary sources, and review appropriate documentation forms. The professor guides students in their choice of feasible research projects and serves as the major adviser during the development of an honors thesis prospectus. Students complete the honors thesis in RSCH4020 Honors Directed Academic Experience.
Prerequisite(s): ENG1024 or English placement, sophomore status, honors status.
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Providence
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

RSCH4020 Honors Directed Academic Experience

The Honors Directed Academic Experience offers honors students the opportunity to develop and complete a capstone project begun in the Honors Research Seminar (RSCH3020). This project is completed under the direct supervision of an individual faculty mentor appropriate to the specialized field of research or other work undertaken by the student. Though students submit portions of the project to the faculty mentor at regular intervals, students are expected to devote a substantial amount of time to research, writing and other appropriate forms of independent engagement with their chosen subject.
Prerequisite(s): RSCH3020, honors status.
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Providence
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

RSCH5700 Research and Inquiry

This course enables graduate students to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and quality decision-making skills that are important for professionals in all industries. Students evaluate research methodologies and develop techniques in critical thinking to improve their understanding and evaluation of industry information. The course examines the research process from preliminary data-gathering techniques to problem identification and hypothesis development. Students review pertinent data and literature as secondary sources, critique published materials and focus on the nature of primary, empirical research and the elements of research design. Particular attention is given to the student’s perspective of the applicability of research to his/her career endeavors. (HY) (OL)
Offered at Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits