Form I-20/Visa

Initial Form I-20

Responsibility for obtaining the approved visa classification rests entirely with students. Students entering the United States to study will need an F-1 international student visa. In order to obtain the necessary visa, students must submit the valid Form I-20 for an F-1 visa to the United States Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence. In addition to these forms, students will have to present a passport and evidence of financial support.

Johnson & Wales University will send the Form I-20 after students have been accepted and have submitted evidence of financial support. International students must register for the term for which admission is offered and must maintain full-time status during the academic year.

Students are admitted to the United States to attend the school that issued their I-20 form. Using an initial attendance I-20 from one school to gain admission to the United States to attend another school is a violation of U.S. immigration law. Students must attend the institution that they are authorized to attend. Violators will be reported to Homeland Security.

International Transfer Students

International students currently studying in the U.S. who seek enrollment in a JWU program are required to submit a Transfer Release Form (completed by the international student advisor at the institution last attended) prior to receiving a Form I-20 issued from JWU.