Global Learning Distinction

The Global Learning Distinction offers JWU students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels an enhanced transcript designation that highlights their globally-focused experiences. Students can document participation and achievements to which points are assigned based on length and depth of experience. The Global Learning Distinction is earned upon completion of established benchmarks, and noted on a student’s final transcript.

Global learning opportunities are available to students through a variety of academic and co-curricular pathways, including

  • Global/Intercultural Academic and Professional Experiences (e.g., Study Abroad, international internships, coursework)
  • Community Engagement Experiences (e.g., experiences sponsored by the BRIDGE, Student Involvement & Leadership)
  • Cultural Events (e.g., events hosted by JWU Global and the BRIDGE)
  • Leadership Development Experiences (e.g., opportunities with Student Involvement & Leadership, the Gender Equity Center, University Involvement Board, Student Government Association)

The Global Learning Distinction is available to students on all campuses and in all majors. For more information, please email the JWU Global office.