Academic Events

Johnson & Wales University hosts two evening orientation sessions for all new Continuing Education students at the start of each academic term. One session is delivered at the Downcity Campus for those in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Hospitality Management and College of Business. Another is held at the Harborside Campus for all College of Culinary Arts students.

Students are introduced to university administrators and staff who provide valuable information on academic, student life and university policies. Activities include campus tours, bookstore visits, distribution of photo identification and parking permits.

Students seeking re-admittance to the university are also encouraged to attend these orientation sessions for new information and to help ease the transition back to campus. Information about orientation programs and services is emailed to all incoming students.

Commencement is held at the end of each academic year in May. At these exercises, degree candidates are recognized. Participation in commencement exercises does not imply that graduation requirements are met.