Department Directories *

Academic Affairs

  • Michelle Garcia, Ed.D., dean of academic affairs
  • Bruce Ozga, M.Ed., dean of culinary education


  • Larry A. Rice, Ed.D., '90, president, North Miami Campus
  • Emmanuel Cabrera-Munoz, MBA, director of communications & media relations
  • Amanda Edun, coordinator of executive services & campus licensing¬†
  • Shawn M. Ray, B.S., campus controller
  • Ruth Rubi, B.B.A., director of operations


  • Heather Munns, Ph.D., director of admissions
  • Cristina Torres, MIB, assistant director of admissions

Campus Safety & Security

  • Allan S. Sjoberg, director of campus safety & security

Center for Academic Support

  • Stella Napoles, Ph.D., director of the center for academic support

Experiential Education & Career Services

  • Darlene Cantor, M.Ed., director of experiential education & career services

Facilities Management

  • Jorge Martinez, director of facilities management

Information Technology

  • Ronald Egidi, M.S.I.S., manager of campus IT


  • Nicole Covone, M.S., director of library services

Student Academic & Financial Services

  • Susan D. Jenkins, M.P.A., director of student academic & financial services

Student Affairs

  • Ismare Monreal, MBA, dean of students
  • Roberta Adamonis, LPN, director of health services
  • Maria Diaz, B.S., director of new student orientation and campus events
  • Shaina Forbes, MBA, assistant director of student involvement & leadership and alumni relations liaison
  • Diana Garcia, M.S., LMHC, director of counseling services
  • David Griffore, M.S., director of athletics
  • Maggie Jordan, B.S., director of community standards and student conduct
  • Andrea Mantilla, interim director of residential life
  • Gisami Pilarte, B.S., assistant director of student affairs