College of Culinary Arts


  • Bruce Ozga, M.Ed., CHE, CCE, CEC, dean of culinary education
  • Jeremy Houghton, MBA, department chair
  • Michael Angnardo, B.S., CMB, department chair


  • Michael Angnardo, B.S., CMB, senior instructor, department chair; A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America; B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Adrian Barber, CHE, associate instructor; A.S., Culinary Institute of America
  • Alan Bergman, B.S., associate instructor; A.S., B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Jim Flader, M.Ed., assistant professor; A.S., Johnson & Wales University; BE, M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
  • Gian Flores, B.S., instructor; A.S., B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Gilles Hezard, AS, CMB, CEPC, senior instructor; A.S., Johnson & Wales University; CAP, College d’Enseignement — Technique, Masculin, France
  • Jeremy Houghton, MBA, senior instructor, department chair; A.S., B.S., MBA, Johnson & Wales University
  • Barbara Kamp, M.S., assistant professor; A.O.S., California Culinary Academy; M.S., Florida International University
  • Mika Kochi, A.S., instructor; A.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Genny Komar, M.S., RD, instructor; B.S., Johnson & Wales University; M.S., Clemson University
  • Kevin Kopsick, B.S., instructor; A.O.S., Miami-Dade College; B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Lawrence R. LaCastra, MCFA, associate instructor; MCFA, Landsdown College of Culinary Arts
  • Ana Machado, MBA, CEC, associate professor; B.S., MBA, Lynn University
  • Gershwin Narraidoo, MBA, assistant professor; B.A., Bournemouth University; MBA, Walden University
  • Rene Olmeda-Santana, B.A., associate instructor; A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America; B.A., University of Puerto Rico
  • Yves Payraudeau, B.S., CAP, instructor; CAP, Ecole Professional de Boucherie de Paris; B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Colin Roche, Ph.D., CHE, FMP, CEC, CCE, professor; A.S., Southern Maine Technical College; A.S., Newbury College; B.S., MBA, Lynn University; Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
  • Michael Skufca, B.A., instructor; B.A., Marquette University
  • Todd Tonova, Ph.D., professor; A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America; B.S., M.S., Florida International University; Ph.D., Lynn University
  • Ivan Valcin, MBA, instructor; B.S., MBA, Johnson & Wales University