College of Culinary Arts


  • Jorge de la Torre, M.Ed., dean of culinary education; A.O.S., California Culinary Academy; B.B.A., University of New Mexico; M.Ed., Colorado State University
  • Brian Lentowich, culinary purchaser
  • Scott Smith, Ph.D., CEC, CCE, professor; department chair; B.S., Metropolitan State College of Denver; MBA, University of Colorado; Ph.D., Colorado State University
  • Christopher Heath Stone, M.Ed., associate professor, department chair; A.S., B.S., Johnson & Wales University; M.Ed., Colorado State University
  • Chenin Nickel, Ph.D., RD, assistant professor, department chair; B.S., Murray State University; RD, Marywood University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno


  • Michael Angelo, B.S., instructor; A.S., B.S. Johnson & Wales University
  • Max Ariza, senior instructor; Certified Sommelier, Institut Culinaire, Avignon, France
  • T. Stella Bernard, B.S., CWP, level 1 instructor; A.S., Milwaukee Area Technical College; B.S., University of Wisconsin
  • Johannes Busch, M.S., associate instructor; A.S., San Juan Community College; M.S., Bundesfachschule Wolfenbuettel Germany
  • Jerry Comar, CEPC, associate instructor
  • Mary Fabrikant, MBA, assistant professor; A.S., Johnson & Wales University; B.F.A., Carnegie Mellon University; MBA, Pace University
  • Stacy Griest, MBA, assistant professor; B.A., Metropolitan State College of Denver; MBA, Johnson & Wales University
  • Shellie Kark, B.A., level 1 instructor; A.O.S., California Culinary Academy; B.A., Simmons College
  • Marcia Kramer, M.L.S., associate professor; A.A.S., Johnson & Wales University; B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.L.S., Regis University
  • Patricia Parkis, instructor; B.S., A.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Adam M. Sacks, M.A., RD, CCC, associate instructor; A.S., Western Culinary Institute; B.S., Humboldt State University; M.A., Western Michigan University; M.A., James Madison University
  • Bernhard Schrag, B.A., associate instructor; Graduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Diploma in Computer Education, Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand; Diploma in Holistic Education, Creative Learning Company, Auckland; A.S., Trade School Thun, Switzerland; B.A., Griffith University, Australia
  • Carrie Stebbins, B.S., senior instructor; certificate, Le Cordon Bleu London; B.S., Johnson & Wales University
  • Emmerich Zach, instructor; diploma, Real Gymnasium, Baden bei Wein, Austria