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The Student Handbook

By attending Johnson & Wales University, you have agreed to conform to the rules, codes and policies as outlined in this publication, as well as in the catalog, all applicable student handbooks and the Resident Student Contract, including any amendments. You have demonstrated your commitment to developing and enhancing your professional as well as your personal life. As part of this commitment, you must demonstrate acceptance of your responsibilities as a member of the university community. It is expected that you will conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner in and out of the classroom. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the contents of this handbook — ignorance of the rules will not excuse infractions.

You are required to abide by all the rules, codes and policies established by the university, which apply to all students (including commuter students) and must be followed both within and outside of university facilities and common areas.

This handbook is a guide for you, one that will help you make your way through the often confusing maze of college life. Use it, and take advantage of all Johnson & Wales has to offer you during your time here.



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