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Student Activities

Student Activities is dedicated to making all JWU students' time on campus as enjoyable, worthwhile and fulfilling as possible. Student Activities provides individual and professional support for students at Johnson & Wales in their co-curricular pursuits, as well as exposure to and participation in social, cultural, spiritual, educational and recreational programs. Some of the programs and services offered by Student Activities include

Student Activities is temporarily located on the third floor of Aspen Hall for the 2014-2015 academic year, and can be contacted by phone at 303-256-9400. Please visit JWU Denver Campus Clubs & Organizations for additional information and a complete listing of clubs, organizations, Greek letter organizations and events.

When students become a member (pledge, associate, new or full member) of a student club, organization or team, they represent not only themselves but also the university and the club, organization or team. Groups may be held responsible as a whole for the misconduct of their individual members, including, but not limited to, any violation of the Student Code of Conduct, any other university rule or policy, or any local, state or federal law. Please refer to the Student Organizations Handbook for more information regarding group responsibility.

For information regarding the university's policies related to bulletin boards and announcements see the Posting policy.

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